Valve selection depends on input pressure and system design.


Due to the vast differences in approaches over the years when it comes to ventilator design, we have offered two proportional valve types to make sure flow requirements are met, while still keeping the overall footprint and cost in mind. Many ventilators will run off of an in room supply of both air and oxygen. This hospital supplied wall pressure can vary  based on location. With a fixed supply and varying inlet pressure range, we use our patented inlet pressure balancing technology to counteract any variances from hospital to hospital. These types of systems often use two proportional valves prior to blending that deliver optimal flow of around 150-180 slpm at around 25-35 psid. 

The second approach uses an air blower and oxygen supply being fed into a blender, which then moves downstream to a proportional valve at a much lower pressure. This valve faces two challenges: being able to deliver the flow with a much lower inlet pressure (eg. 1 psid), and being able to deal with any back pressure being created from the patient side downstream. The outlet pressure balancing of our PFCV allows us to address both issues while delivering premium flow performance. 



High flow pressure balanced valve in small package


High flow pressure balanced valve in for low pressure systems