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Delivering unparalleled

valve design and innovation

Innovators in the valve industry.

Our proportional valve line outperforms the competition

The critical specifications engineers evaluate when selecting a high performance proportional flow control valve are linearity, frequency response and hysteresis. Other important features are repeatability, power consumption, leakage, life expectancy and cost.

Engineers at iQ Valves have advanced the proportional valves by designing units that meet the high performance end of all the above mentioned specifications while keeping the valve simple enough to hold costs down. iQ Valves has achieved an unparalleled linearity, an exceptionally high frequency response of 250 Hz, and low hysteresis using a unique solenoid construction.

Reduced Hysteresis

Low Power Consumption


Down to 1W

Response Time

Life Expectancy

Down to 10 ms

100 Million+ Cycles

Isolation inlet graph

Better Resolution,

No rubbing contacts

Superior designs and engineering

Aside from our Tesla series, all of our proportional valves use suspended armature technology which improves life span, as well as the resolution when trying to do fine control in a system. 

Pressure Balancing

Our patented technology that separates us from the other guys

Our pressure balanced proportional valves are the premium solenoid proportional valves in the industry. With the ability to handle fluctuating inlet pressures, and some amount of back pressure, your cracking current and overall valve performance will remain stable and relatively unchanged. We are able to accomplish this by mechanically balancing the active pressures internally by rerouting the acting inlet pressure. 

No matter the change in inlet pressure, the valve seat will see equal acting force on both sides of the seat, therefore negating the change in pressure and maintaining your performance.

Pressure balance animation
Valve cross-section

Media Isolation

For many of our customers, media isolation becomes an important aspect of their valving. We have many elastomers that we have paired in tandem with our valves to provide an optimal solution with reduced swelling and enhanced performance. We have experience in dealing with water, refrigerants, and many other liquids in our valve applications.

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