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JOB ID 11005: Mechanical Systems Engineer
IQ Valves Co., a West Melbourne, FL based Manufacturing Services Firm has multiple
openings for JOB ID 11005: Mechanical Systems Engineer.

Job duties include:

  • Test and validate fluidic systems to ensure they met performance specifications.

  • Program CNC equipment using CAM software for efficient production on Lathe and
    Mill machines.

  • Conduct CAD design work for modifying incoming parts, improving blueprints, and
    enhancing manufacturability.

  • Implement control plans and draft documentation for manufacturing processes.

  • Conduct failure analysis, identify root causes, and implement corrective actions to
    improve product quality.

  • Design and implement fixturing, jigs, and tooling for manufacturing and assembly
    processes, including support for welding operations.

Requirements: Master's degree in Mech Engg, Manufacturing Engg, Aeronautical Engg or related with at least 6 months of experience. Salary ranges between $81,245.00 to $82,000.00/year. Send resume to: including the JOB ID. Travel and relocation to various unanticipated client locations throughout the United States may be
required. Equal Opportunity Employer.

iQ Valves

425 West Dr

Melbourne, FL 32904


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