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Valve Accessories

Proportional Valve Drivers & Hit and Hold Circuits

Signal amplifiers play a crucial role in controlling proportional valves by utilizing 0-5V, 0-10V, or 4-20 mA control signals. These amplifiers boost the control signal to provide the required power for driving the valve, ensuring optimal performance. Operating on DC power supply, they effectively amplify the control signal, enhancing valve operation.

Voltage Rating and Power Supply Considerations

To maximize the valve's capacity, it's recommended to use a power supply with a voltage rating at least 2V higher (ranging from a minimum of 9V to a maximum of 30V) than that of the valve. This compensates for any nominal voltage drop in the amplifier, ensuring the valve operates at its full capacity without any power supply limitations.

Factory Settings and Dither Configuration

All amplifiers are pre-configured in the factory to work seamlessly with each type of valve, simplifying installation and compatibility. In the factory default setting, dither is set to zero, ensuring consistent and precise control without any unnecessary oscillation or disturbance.

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