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iQ Mid-Range Proportional Valve

Optimized for vacuum applications and more

The iQ Mid Range proportional valve has been optimized for use in vacuum and low pressure gas applications. It utilizes our suspended spring technology to improve hysterisis and life cycle expectancy. If looking for a proportional valve with a larger orifice and high end performance at negative or low pressures, it is hard to beat the Mid Range proportional valve.

iQ Mid Range Proportional Valve


Function: 2 Way Normally Closed


Orifice Size: 0.125"


Hysterisis: <10%


Time Response: < 20 ms


Pressure range: 0-50 psig, 0-30 inHg


Seal: Nitrile


Temperature Range: -40 to 250 F


Wetted Material: Brass, 300 SS, 400 SS


Voltage: 12 VDC


Lead Wires: 22 AWG, 12" Length


Weight: 18.4 oz

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