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iQ Mid-Range Proportional Valve

Precision performance in vacuum and low-pressure environments

The iQ Mid-Range Proportional Valve has been meticulously tailored to excel in applications within vacuum and low-pressure gas environments, leveraging our suspended spring technology to enhance both hysteresis and life cycle expectancy. For those seeking a proportional valve with a larger orifice and top-tier performance in negative or low-pressure settings, the Mid Range Proportional Valve stands out as an unparalleled choice.

Reliable Control with Enhanced Capacity

As a 2 Way Normally Closed valve this system ensures reliable and consistent control, featuring an orifice size of 0.125" to cater to applications demanding greater flow capacity. With hysteresis maintained below 10% and a swift time response of under 20 ms, this valve guarantees precision and efficiency in operation.

Pliancy and Congruity

Operating within a pressure range of 0-50, the Mid Range Proportional Valve adapts seamlessly to varying pressure conditions, ensuring consistent performance. Enhanced by a BUNA seal, it demonstrates durability and effective sealing even in demanding environments. Capable of withstanding temperatures from 32 to 120°F and constructed with resilient materials such as brass as well as 300 and 400 series stainless steel, this valve offers reliability and compatibility with various media, enhancing its adaptability to diverse applications. Weighing 18.4 oz, the Mid Range Proportional Valve strikes a balance between robust construction and manageable weight, making it an ideal choice for vacuum and low-pressure gas applications where precision and reliability are paramount.



  • Function: 2-Way Normally Closed

  • Orifice Size: ​​

    • 0.125" (3.175 mm)

  • Hysteresis: <10% of full scale

  • Power Consumption: 6W

  • Response Time: < 20 ms

  • Pressure Range: Vacuum - 50 psig

  • Temperature Range: 32 - 120F

  • Seal Material: BUNA

  • Wetted Material:

    • 300 Series SS

    • 400 Series SS

    • Brass

  • Porting:

    • 1/8" NPT


  • Media:

    • Air

    • Non-Corrosive Gases

  • Voltage: 12 VDC​​

  • Lead Wires: 22 AWG, 12" Length

  • Weight: 18.4 oz

  • Life Cycle: 100M+

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