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iQ PFCV Proportional Valves

Our premium proportional valves for superior control.

Introducing a revolutionary series of patented solenoid-operated proportional flow control valves, setting new benchmarks in the valve industry. Our Proportional Flow Control Valve (PFCV) line surpasses other proportional valve types with its innovative design and unparalleled performance.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Performance

Engineered with no rubbing contact surfaces, iQ Valve's proportional valves exhibit low hysteresis, high-frequency response, rapid time response (less than 35 msec.), and extended lifespan. With no sliding friction, the electrical drive circuit can be as straightforward as a direct DC electrical signal, although pulse-width-modulated signals are also compatible.

Exceptional Performance in Various Conditions

These single-stage, 2-way poppet valves maintain exceptional performance even at low pressure differentials, thanks to our patented pressure-balanced designs. The poppet construction ensures leakage prevention within specified pressure ranges, guaranteeing seamless operation amidst fluctuating pressures.


Versatility in Application

An isolation diaphragm isolates the working fluid from the coil and other solenoid components, confining the fluid path exclusively to the poppet area and inlet/outlet paths. This feature renders our valves suitable for both gas and liquid applications, enhancing their versatility and adaptability across diverse industries.



  • Function: 2-Way Normally Closed

  • Orifice Size:

    • 0.147" (3.733mm)

    • 0.234" (5.943mm)

    • 0.316" (8.026mm)

    • 0.375" (9.525mm)

    • 0.625" (15.875mm)

  • Hysteresis: <10% of full scale

  • Power Consumption: 6W - 8.75W

  • Response Time: < 35 ms

  • Pressure Range: Orifice size dependent, 0 - 100 psig max

  • Temperature Range: 32 - 120F

  • Seal Material: BUNA

  • Wetted Material:

    • 300 Series SS

    • Anodized Aluminum

  • Porting:

    • 1/4" NPT

    • 3/8" NPT

    • 1/2" NPT

  • Media:

    • Air

    • Non-Corrosive Gases

    • Liquid

  • Voltage:

    • 12 VDC

    • 24 VDC

  • Lead Wires: 22 AWG, 12" Length

  • Weight:

    • 22 - 27oz (Aluminum)

    • 30oz (Stainless Steel)

  • Life Cycle: 100M+

This table is intended for reference only.

These are isolation inlet balanced proportional valves, where the main advantage of these valves is medium isolation. These valves are not outlet pressure balanced; however the diaphragm isolation on the inlet side of the valve offers isolation of the fluid or medium from the solenoid parts and offers a small internal volume. In addition, the isolation diaphragm offers pressure balancing on the inlet of the valve so the variations on the initial take off current of the valve due to inlet pressure variations are minimized. They are useful in applications where the outlet pressure doesn’t exceed 30% of the inlet pressure.

Inlet Balanced


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These proportional valves are pressure balanced and are insensitive to inlet and outlet pressure. Due to the unique design, the initial calibrated take-off remains fairly constant with varying outlet pressures. These proportional valves do not offer medium isolation.

These proportional valves combine the advantages of both inlet balanced and internally balanced valves. These valves are pressure balanced and are insensitive to the inlet and outlet pressure. The take-off of the valve remains consistent at different inlet pressures and they can be used with varying outlet pressures. These proportional valves offer isolation of the fluid medium from the solenoid and offer limited internal volume.

Isolation Balanced


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