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The valve is the heart of your system.

Let us help you do it right.

Proportional Valves

We offer the widest range of solenoid proportional valve flow ranges in the industry. Ranging from .004" orifice sizes to .650", we have high performance proportional valves that will meet the needs for many applications across a broad number of industries.

A group of solenoid valves

Proportional Valve Driver and Hit & Hold Circuit

Our proportional valve driver comes as a stand alone product that can be used to amplify the input signal to all of our proportional valves. We also offer a hit and hold circuit which can be used in conjunction with any on/off solenoid to reduce power consumption.

Hand holding a proportional solenoid valve

On/Off Solenoid Valves

Our Tesla 2-way and 3-way on/off solenoids are great options for a variety of applications. From industrial controls, medical, all the way to food and beverage, our valves can be an effective component in your product.

Comparison image of valve driver to a penny

Why Choose Us?


We hold numerous patents for our flow control devices due to our outside the box type of thinking.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified

REACH & RoHS Compliant

All of our products are sourced and manufactured here in the USA.

Turn Around Time

Vertically integrated, no other valve company can turn a custom engineered product around faster for OEM applications.

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