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iQ Tesla Proportional Valve

A flexible and affordable solution.

The iQ Tesla proportional valve offers an alternative option when compared to its competitors in the valve market. These proportional valves are designed to give the maximum amount of travel and flow for their given orifice size and pressure ratings. Using a linear spring rather than  flat springs, these valves still give solid performance for those looking for a cost effective solution.


Function: 2 Way Normally Closed


Orifice Size: .032"-.093"


Hysterisis: <10%


Time Response: < 20 ms


Pressure range: 0-100 psig, 0-30 inHg


Seal: Nitrile / Viton / EPDM


Temperature Range: -40 to 250 F


Wetted Material: 303 SS, 430 SS


Voltage: 12 VDC / 24 VDC


Lead Wires: 22 AWG, 6" Length


Weight: 14 oz (w/SS), 10 oz (w/Al)

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