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iQ Polaris Proportional Valve

High flow in a smaller footprint

The iQ Polaris Valve seamlessly integrates the straightforward design of the Tesla valve with innovative pressure balancing technology, adding a distinctive touch to our range of iQ valves. This proportional valve boasts pressure balancing capabilities, delivering flow rates of up to 180 lpm (30 psi), making it ideal for high-flow applications with precise spatial and power requirements.

Versatility and Reliability in Various Applications

Designed to excel in medical settings such as ventilators, anesthesia equipment, laboratory instrumentation, and general industrial applications, the iQ Polaris Valve offers versatility and reliability, catering to diverse application needs.

Precision Operation and Longevity

Functioning as a 2 Way Normally Closed valve with oxygen clean specifications, this valve features an orifice size of .110", ensuring optimal performance with minimal hysteresis. With a typical power consumption of 2.4W, low leakage of <0.5 sccm and an operation life of 100+ million cycles, it maintains efficiency while guaranteeing longevity and accuracy.

Adaptability to Varying Conditions

Operating within a pressure range of 0-120 psig and 0-30 inHg, the iQ Polaris Valve adapts effortlessly to varying pressure conditions, ensuring consistent performance across different environments. Supported by seal options including Viton and Silicone, it demonstrates resilience across a wide temperature range from -40 to 250°F. Constructed with brass and 430 SS materials, it ensures compatibility with a range of fluids, enhancing its adaptability to diverse applications. Compact in size and weight, this valve offers a blend of compact design and sturdy construction which ensure seamless integration and reliable performance.



Function: 2 Way Normally Closed, Oxygen Clean


Orifice Size:  .110"


Hysteresis: <10%

Power Consumption: 2.4W Typical

Leak: <0.5 sccm of Air

Life Cycle: 100+ Million Cycles


Time Response: < 20 ms


Pressure range: 0-120 psig, 0-30 inHg


Seal: Viton / Silicone


Temperature Range: -40 to 250 F


Wetted Material: Brass, 430 SS


Voltage: 12 VDC / 24 VDC


Lead Wires: 22 AWG, 6" Length

Size: 0.75" x 0.75" x 2.00"


Weight: 2.5 oz (w/Brass)

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