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Signal Amplifiers are used to control proportional valves using 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20 mA control signal. The amplifier boosts the control signal to provide required power to drive the valve. It uses DC power supply to boost the control signal. There is some nominal voltage drop in the amplifier so it is recommended to use a power supply at least 2V higher (min 9 –max 30 V) in voltage rating than that of the valve, to use the valve to its full capacity. All the amplifiers are set in the factory to use with each type of valve. Dither is set to Zero in factory default setting.
Amplifier Part Number Matrix
Control Signal
Valve 0-5 V 0-10 V 4-20 mA
Standard PFCV 5-800 $200  10-800 $200  20-800 $200 
Mini/ Coral 12 V 5-500 $200  10-500 $200  20-500 $200 
Mini/ Coral 24V 5-250 $200  10-250 $200  20-250 $200 
Nano 9V 5-090 $200  10-090 $200  20-090 $200 
Nano 24V 5-045 $200  10-045 $200  20-045 $200 
Signal Amplifier Detailed Information
Tech Data
Tech Data
Connection Diagram
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