Proportional Valves

iQ Valves new breed of solenoid operated, patented proportional valves are unparalleled in the valve industry. Our proportional valve line outperforms the competition in many ways.

The critical specifications engineers evaluate when selecting a high performance proportional flow control valve are linearity, frequency response and hysteresis. Other important features are repeatability, power consumption, leakage, life expectancy and cost.

Engineers at iQ Valves have advanced the proportional valves by designing units that meet the high performance end of all the above mentioned specifications while keeping the valve simple enough to hold costs down. iQ Valves has achieved an unparalleled linearity, an exceptionally high frequency response of 250 Hz. and low hysteresis using a unique solenoid construction.

True Proportionality

In the past, proportionality in valves was accomplished by using a proportional solenoid or dithering an on/off solenoid. There are two types of proportional solenoids. One uses a pulse-width modulated (PWM) electrical input signal to eliminate the effects of stiction. This reduces the frequency response of the valve. The second type of proportional solenoid eliminates stiction by suspending the moving part (the armature) to eliminate metal-to-metal contact. While this has been the preferred choice, it involves a complex design and is expensive to manufacture. Dithering puts more burden on the complexity of the electronic circuitry and still does not yield the linearity needed in most closed-loop applications. For these reasons a truly proportional, more sophisticated, proportional solenoid such as iQ Valves is preferred.

Proportional Product Line
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