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Check Valve Vacuum Cups
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iQ Valves vacuum cup with a built-in check valve was designed for applications where multiple vacuum cups are connected to a main vacuum line but only a portion of the cups are activated at one time. Check valves built into the cups prevent inactivated cups from leaking atmospheric air into the system which would normally reduce the vacuum level in the main line. With these specialty cups, full vacuum is maintained in the main line at all times.

This is how the check-valved cup works. When a cup is not activated, the vacuum port is sealed off by the valve. The sealed port prevents the cup from leaking air into the vacuum system. When a cup is activated, the valve stem is pressed in as the cup makes contact with the product to be picked up. As the stem is pressed in, the valve opens allowing vacuum to be supplied to the cup and the cup then lifts the item.


The valve stem is made of black nylon, a soft material which can make contact with even the most delicate of articles without damage. The check valve design comes in 2 inch and 3.25 inch cup sizes.

Check Valve Vacuum Cups Specifications
1890022.000.910.21Brass $41.74 
1890033.250.720.20Aluminum $54.08 
 *Other customized sizes are available in OEM quantities. 
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