This is a compact, accurate vacuum switch with excellent repeatability and low hysteresis. It will operate in any position and the set point can be infinitely adjusted. Ideal for vacuum sensing and other factory automation applications, it can be mounted directly on vacuum generators. We offer three models for three different vaccum port connections.

Adjustable Vacuum Switch Specifications
Range: 5" to 30" Hg. Vacuum Material: Black Plastic
Adjustment: Infinite Electrical: 250 VAC - 4 amps
Hysteresis: 1" to 2.5" Hg. Lead Wires: #18 AWG, 6" long Black - Common White - N.C. Red - N.O.
Output: Single Pole Double Throw
18185110-32-UNFTHD $57.48 
181852#6 O-RingPort $57.48 
1818531/8" NPTFemale $57.48 
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